Acme in the East Village is a good NYC restaurant for big groups, people watching, business meals, girls’ dinners, out of town friends, small plates and spotting beautiful people. The bar downstairs is good for business drinks, casual dates, girls’ nights out, guys’ nights out, meeting hot girls, meeting rich guys and entertaining out of town friends. Here are some more tips:

Good For Groups: A reservation is definitely recommended but this place is decent for groups of 5-7ish people. There are a lot of small plates that are easily shared and the wine list is great.

Good For People Watching: The crowd is made up of hip, gorgeous people who are always entertaining.

Good For Girls’ Dinners: It’s not the cheapest spot but it’s a great place if you’re in the mood to dress up and have a few glasses of wine in the company of hot people. However, Acme is not for picky eaters so make sure the friends you invite are up for splitting a few adventurous dishes.

Bar Downstairs – Good For Business Drinks: Hidden below the crowded restaurant is a quiet bar and great place to wait for your table or, just go grab some business drinks. The decor looks like it was taken directly out of a scene from “Wall Street” and, in my head, there are always guys in power suits leaning back in the upholstered chairs while sucking on Cubans. Clearly that’s not true but that’s what you feel is missing when you walk in. Clearly, this makes it a great choice for closing deals over a scotch on the rocks or starting a big guys’ night out.

Bar Downstairs – Good For First Dates: The actual restaurant is a little too crowded and loud to get to know someone but the bar downstairs is the perfect trendy place to take someone for good conversation over wine. The seating arrangements feel like those that might be found in a living room so it offers some comfort to an often awkward situation.

Acme’s Address: 9 Great Jones St. (at E. 3rd St. – East Village/NoHo)


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