Cafe Gitane

Cafe Gitane SoHo Nolita NYC

Cafe Gitane’s Address: 242 Mott St., New York, NY 10012 (at Prince St. – SoHo/Nolita)

Cafe Gitane’s Phone Number: (212) 334-9552

More Info On Cafe Gitane: Menu, Zagat Reviews, NYMag Listing

Cafe Gitane, in SoHo/Nolita, is a tiny, bistro-esque restaurant that – at peak hours of the day – quickly fills with locals looking to grab a small bite and glass of wine. Attracting the hippest of the ‘hood, this place is as conducive to making pseudo-philisophical conversation as it is to quietly judging passers-by (of which there are plenty).

Beyond that (or, often, because of that), it’s a great place for casual dates, brunch, outdoor seating, lunch, celebrity sightings, people watching, first dates and spotting beautiful people. More info below:

Good For Casual/First Dates: The limited outdoor seating is hard to grab – but if you’re lucky enough to claim one of the tables, it’s perfect for chatting while – as mentioned above – watching local residents and tourists pass by (the ideal conversations starter).

Good For Brunch: If you can get here before noon, you should be able to claim a seat and order a dish from what I would consider their best menu. It’s not great for groups but if it’s just a few of you, the atmosphere is chill and only slightly scene-y in the mornings.

Good For Celebrity Sightings: A lot of celebs live in the vicinity – as a result, many of them can often be seen discreetly ducking in here for a quick meal.


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