Casa Restaurant NYC

Casa’s Address: 72 Bedford St., New York, NY 10014 (at Commerce St. – West Village)

Casa’s Phone Number: (212) 366-9410

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While I’m happy to observe this World Cup insanity from a safe distance, via the magic of television, the focus on Rio throughout the tournament has left me with some serious Caipirinha cravings. Enter Casa, an authentic (read: not lame) Brazilian restaurant in the West Village that offers – what is widely considered – a menu full of the best Caipirinhas and Caipiroskas in the city.

Casa, which is a hole in the wall in the West Village, is a great restaurant for dates – casual and romantic, boozy brunch, girls’ dinners and small bites. More info below:

Good For Dates: The cocktails, small plates and general “easiness” of its experience (there’a hardly ever a wait, the service is good, food is great, etc.) makes it a great spot for casual dates. Meanwhile, the intimate, candlelit environment, authentic Brazilian vibe and… well, the cocktails, also make it a good place for something more on the romantic side.

Good For Girls’ Dinners: It’s definitely small but, if you make a reservation, they can usually accommodate groups of a decent size. Plus, there are a lot of sharable dishes on the menu and nothing is too overpriced.

Good For Boozy Brunch: It’s a refreshingly different, non-sceney restaurant for brunch, allowing you to booze it up in relative privacy.


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