Catch NYC & Catch Roof

catch_0080_final Catch is a good NYC restaurant is good for business dinners, celebrity sightings, girls’ dinners, big groups, entertaining out of town friends, people watching and romantic dates – bulleted tips are below. Catch Roof is a good NYC club for bottle service, a girls’ night out, meeting hot girls, meeting rich guys, music and dancing. Here are some more specifics:

Good For Business Dinners (Catch): I’d only suggest you go for business meals on week nights as things can get a little rowdy on weekends.

Good For Romantic Dates (Catch): Again, this is more true on weeknights, particularly early weeknights. The crowds of scantily clad, gorgeous people that turn up on Thursday, Friday and Saturday don’t really make for the most romantic atmosphere.

Good For Girls’ Night Out (Catch Roof): Prepare to be hit on by guys you most likely won’t want to speak to if you go on the weekend. Regardless, it’s always a good place to lose yourself in dances with friends and cocktails purchased by people you left standing alone at the bar as soon as it hit your hand.

Address For Catch and Catch Roof: 21 Ninth Ave. (Meatpacking District)

Though I’m generally not a big fan of seafood restaurants, Catch is one exception. As a vegetarian who doesn’t eat fish (which often comes as a shock), I usually have more food options at a steakhouse than I do from a menu made up mostly former ocean dwellers. However, the atmosphere at Catch is so great and the few dishes I have to choose from are so flavorful that I’ve willingly spent several nights out here.

Another great perk of the restaurant is, after dinner, you can head upstairs to the in-house club, Catch Roof. Obviously, as with most clubs, it can fill up with douches and douche wannabes on the weekend – it is in meatpacking – but, for the most part, it’s a good place to go dance and hang out with whatever group you’ve arrived.

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