CountyCounty is a good NYC restaurant for casual dates, girls’ dinners, groups, parent visits and small bites. Here are some details:

Good For Casual Dates: Though you might be one of the only people in the restaurant at this point, it’s a cute, cozy place to relax with wine and small bites. Make sure the casual date is with someone you’re comfortable with, though, as it won’t provide too many distractions.

Good For Girls’ Dinners: The menu is relatively affordable and the plates are good for sharing. Plus it’s quaint and quiet enough that you will be able to hear each other while catching up.

Good For Groups: Though it’s a small space, the tables are arranged to accommodate big parties and, again, the fact that they have several really good options for shared dishes makes it an excellent option for this purpose.

County’s Address: 34 E. 20th St. (Flatiron)

Officially open last week, County is a casual, charming and refreshingly different NYC restaurant. There’s a plethora of vegetarian options on the menu, my favorite of which is the lasagna – which layers veggies as a substitute for pasta yet is still drowning in creamy cheesy goodness.

It’s a cute place to head for drinks after work or wine with the girls as the selection is pretty affordable and atmosphere is reminiscent of summer holidays in the country – making for relaxed and comfortable setting.

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