Jean Georges

Jean Georges’ Address1 Central Park West New York, NY 10023 (at 60th – Upper West Side/Columbus Circle)

Jean Georges’ Phone Number: (212) 299-3900

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Jean Georges is, in my book, a “must go before you die” restaurant. Thought not as consistently amazing as one would hope, it’s never close to disappointing. Overall, if you’re willing to head to the Upper West Side – which you should be – it’s a great NYC restaurant for lunch, romantic dates, business meals, celebrity sightings, people watching, out of town friends and parent visits.

The bar area also has a cool atmosphere, making it a good spot for casual dates, first dates, business drinks, boozing it up with friends who are in from out of town and meeting rich guys:

Good For Lunch: For those who don’t feel like shelling out the big bucks for dinner, Jean Georges offers a now famous lunch prix-fixe menu during the week for about a third of the cost. Obviously, this affords a great opportunity to taste the famous chef’s creations and/or entertain for business without the need to explain yourself to accounting.

Good For Celebrity Sightings: Jean-Georges tends to attract A-Listers no matter what his concept so, of course, his namesake spot brings out the best. Emma Watson is a regular and I’ve spotted Tyra Banks hanging out in the corner with a friend and a bad weave.

Good For Romantic Dates: More accurately, the ultimate for romantic dates. This is some serious commitment but if you’ve recently messed up and are looking to really get back in good graces, this is your place. Or, I guess, if you just want to take your other half somewhere special.

Good For Casual Dates/First Dates: This pertains to the bar area ONLY, which has the same upscale vibe and impressive crowds but is much more relaxed. The wine list is fantastic so if you’re willing to pay and are hoping for more dates to come, meet up here after work.


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