Lil Charlie’s

Lil Charlies

Lil Charlie’s Address: 19 Kenmare Street New York, NY 10012 (near Elizabeth – Nolita)

Lil Charlie’s Phone Number: (212) 966-3058

More Info On Lil Charlie’

Lil Charlie’s, in Nolita, is best known as the club underneath Ken & Cook. Since opening a little over a year ago, this spot has blown up into one of the best places to go for a night of dancing, particularly on Mondays.

It’s a good club for girls’ nights out, guys’ nights out, music and dancing, meeting hot girls, bottle service, DJs, meeting rich guys, one night stands, entertaining out of town friends and feeling cool.

Good For Music And Dancing: Though this place can get packed, making dancing an, um, intimate experience, the music is generally fantastic for grooving on the banquets if you’re lucky enough to have a table.

Good For One Night Stands: I almost always run into too many familiar faces when I stop by on Monday nights but if you’re not someone who makes going out their job, this is a good spot for taking home an anonymous one night stand. The crowd is uber-attractive and the drinks are strong making for the perfect combination.

Good For Girls’ Night Out: Obviously, it’s always easier to get into clubs if you’re with a small group of hot girls. If that’s the case, this is a good place to enjoy a night out with friends and bum drinks off of some sucker who bought a bottle.



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