Mexican Radio

Mexican Radio is good NYC restaurant for boozy brunches, group brunches, casual dates, girls dinners, big groups, lunch, people watching and small bites. Here are some more details:

Good For Boozy Brunch & Group Brunch: To me, there is absolutely nothing better than greasy, cheesy Mexican food and margaritas when I’m hungover on a Saturday morning. Thus, to me, there is nothing better than waking up and dragging myself to Mexican Radio for huevos rancheros and tequila with friends every weekend. The restaurant has a huge selection of specialty cocktails and is great for groups at pretty much any time of day.

Good For Casual Dates: When I say casual dates, I mean very casual dates. This place is cute and dark and chill so if you’re just looking to pop in for a few cocktails and not necessarily concerned with impressing said date, its perfect.

Good For Girls’ Dinners: It’s cheap, there are enough small plates on the menu to accommodate big groups and you can get cocktails by the pitcher. Done.

Mexican Radio’s Address: 19 Cleveland Pl. (at Kenmare – SoHo/Nolita)

I am a HUGE fan of Mexican food. Except when I say, “Mexican food” I mean “greasy, cheesy, I’m so full yet I can’t stop eating this so just give me another margarita” Mexican food. This type of cuisine can be hard to find in New York City so when I discover a place that satisfies my cravings, I pay tribute – usually by indulging several times a week.

Mexican Radio is this type of restaurant and I definitely do my part to keep them in business. Every aspect of the menu – from the perfect salsa (which, really, is how I judge a Mexican restaurant) to the delicious enchiladas, extensive cocktail list and desserts – is designed to cure even the worst hangovers.

On top of everything? They can make most dishes vegetarian or vegan upon request. I was there yesterday but I’ll probably see you there tonight, too…

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