Nick & Toni’s Cafe

Nick and Tonis

As far as NYC restaurants go, Nick & Toni’s Cafe is best for brunch, casual dates, celebrity sightings, parent visits, people watching and romantic dates. Here’s why:

Good For Brunch: Open for brunch on Sundays and rarely too crowded to find a seat, this place is great if you’re hungry before catching a matinee.

Good For Casual Dates: Incredibly charming and cozy, this place is impressive without trying too hard. The atmosphere is great for conversation and the menu is full of small bites and cocktails.

Good For Celebrity Sightings: The Upper West Side is a hot bed of celebrity homes and, as mentioned before, I think I’ve spotted the majority of them at the restaurant.

Good For Parent Visits: The crowd skews older and the seating, dishes and atmosphere are easy to love.

Good For People Watching: The restaurant’s glass windows look out onto the street allowing for some serious observation of those passing by.

Good For Romantic Dates: Particularly at night, the subtle lighting, glow from the oven and warmth of the place make it a great spot to sit in a corner and lose the rest of the world.

Nick & Toni’s Cafe Address: 100 W. 67th St. (Upper West Side/Lincoln Center)

Nick & Toni’s Cafe is one of only a handful of NYC restaurants that could get me uptown. The epitome of the word, “cozy,” its charmingly rustic atmosphere seems to be defined by the wood burning oven that greets you as you walk in – and produces some of the best pizza I’ve had in my life. As I am easily won over by any balanced combination of pizza, wine and warmth, it was easy for me to fall in love with this place at first sight.

However, given the regulars I’ve spotted here (seemingly every celebrity who calls the Upper West Side home), it clearly satisfies more discerning palates as well. If you’re heading to the neighborhood or looking for a quick dinner before or after a show at Lincoln Center, you can’t go wrong.

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