Rose Bar

Rose Bar

Rose Bar’s Address: 2 Lexington Ave. New York, NY 10010 (at 21st St. – Gramercy Park Hotel – Gramercy Park)

Rose Bar’s Phone Number: (212) 920-3300

More Info On Rose Bar:

When I moved here, shortly after Rose Bar opened, I was borderline obsessed. At the time, a good friend was doing their PR so we had the luxury of never having an issue at the door and once inside, we were part of one of the best parties in the city.

However, after a great run, it kind of faded into the background – until recently. With a new resurgence noted by many of my friends, Rose Bar has once again become my spot of choice for drinks at the beginning of the night or a more chill evening – this time for slightly different and (I like to think) more mature reasons.

It’s a perfect bar for business drinks, casual dates, girls’ nights out, celebrity sightings, first dates, entertaining out of town friends, guys’ nights out, meeting hot girls, great cocktails, an awesome wine list and meeting rich guys.

Good For Business Drinks: If the drinks are earlier in the night – anywhere from 5 p.m. (when it opens) to 8 p.m. or so, this is a good place to sit and have a comfortable, casual meeting over cocktails. The crowd is usually more “business” than most with its level of prestige so if you’re looking for a place to entertain clients rather than have an actual meeting, it’s a good bet pretty much all night long – just make sure you can get in so you don’t embarrass yourself.

Good For Meeting Hot Girls: The door guys (who are some of my favorite people in the city) are great at cultivating an excellent crowd. Of course, that means there will always be more than enough hot girls around for everyone.

Good For First Dates: The decor is sexy, the seating is comfy and intimate and the atmosphere is dark and mysterious. It’s a great place for drinks on a first date – again, just make sure you can get in.

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Good For Bottle Service
Good For Business Drinks
Good For Casual Dates
Good For Celebrity Sightings
Good For First Dates
Good For Girls Night Out
Good For Guys Night Out
Good For Meeting Hot Girls
Good For Meeting Rich Guys
Good For Music And Dancing
Good For Out Of Town Friends
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