Smith & Mills

Smith & Mill's

Smith & Mills’ Address: 71 N. Moore St. New York, NY 10013 (near Greenwich St. – Tribeca)

Smith & Mill’s Phone Number: (212) 226-2515

More Info On Smith & Mill’

Smith & Mills, in Tribeca, is a tiny watering hole with great cocktails, a solid menu and intimate atmosphere. Opened several years ago by Beatrice Inn and Employees Only partner, Matt Abramcyk, it’s tucked away deep in the neighborhood but thrives on regulars and those seeking a quiet drink off the beaten path. Smith & Mills is a good bar/restaurant for casual dates, boozy brunch, out of town friends, first dates, lunch, people watching and small bites.

Good For First Dates: If the date is planned for earlier in the night before it gets crowded, grab one of the few tables and a couple of cocktails for something quaint, quiet and casual. Later on it might be a little difficult to hear your date but if that’s sort of the idea then, by all means…

Good For Boozy Brunch: Due to the location and size of this place, you don’t have to deal with the insane crowds and obnoxious people usually associated with boozy brunch. You’re way too classy for that so chill over conversation for the afternoon with an inventive cocktail and great egg dish.

Good For People Watching: Though it is on a quiet street, it draws a pretty interesting crowd itself and the open front allows for a great view of the interesting characters who do walk by.




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