The Standard Biergarten

The Standard Biergarten

The Standard Biergarten’s Address: 848 Washington St. New York, NY 10014 (near 13th St. – Meatpacking District)

The Standard Biergarten’s Phone Number: (212) 645-4646

The Standard Biergarten, in The Meatpacking District, is an outdoor drinking spot to hit up on warm summer afternoons and/or evenings for an almost guaranteed good time. With ping-pong tables, plenty of beer and tons of group seating, it’s a much more “for the people” area than the other bars, clubs and restaurants throughout the hotel. The crowd is pretty diverse but, after work, it’s an awesome place to go hang out and meet some hotties who are also blowing off steam from the day.

It’s a good bar for casual dates, outdoor seating, first dates, girls’ nights out, guys’ nights out, finding one night stands and meeting hot girls.

Casual Dates/First Dates: The Standard Biergarten is great for dates – the site is impressive, the scene is usually cool and there are plenty of distractions (i.e. ping-pong) if the conversation is strained. Going earlier in the night makes it easier to get in so save yourself the embarrassment and head there at that time.

Good For Girls’ Night Out: Again, there’s plenty to do, making it a good spot to appease all of your friends’ tastes. Plus the crowd is generally full of awesome choices if you’re cruising for guys. Yes, beer is the highlight but there’s also a full bar so you don’t have to end up bloated in order to get drunk.

Good For Entertaining Out Of Town Friends: The Standard is always a hit among tourists and this is a great place to show non-locals a good time.


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