The Top Of The Standard (Boom Boom Room)

Boom Boom Room NYC

The Top Of The Standard (Boom Boom Room)’s Address: 848 Washington St., New York, NY 10014 (at 13th St. – Meatpacking District)

The Top Of The Standard (Boom Boom Room)’s Phone Number: (212) 645-4646

More Info On The Top Of The Standard (Boom Boom Room): Zagat Reviews

The Top Of The Standard – which, formerly called Boom Boom Room, is still referred to in that way by everyone I’ve ever met – is one of my favorite “relaxed clubs” in the city. By that, I mean it walks the line between chic yet not obnoxious bar and club that offers bottle service – and it does it in a really good way. Though it can be difficult to get in at night, with views (even from the bathroom) that are unlike any other spot, great cocktails, and plenty of outdoor seating, it offers something for everyone who can get past the rope.

It’s a great bar for girls’ nights out, celebrity sightings, business drinks, casual dates, outdoor seating, first dates, guys’ nights out, beautiful people and entertaining out of town friends. It’s also a good “club” for bottle service and feeling cool. More details below:

Good For Girls’ Nights Out: You’ll have a better chance of getting in if you roll up sans guys and, once inside, you’ll have plenty of men to choose from and/or ignore depending on your mood. For a more quiet “conversation” spot, head upstairs to the outdoor area and claim a spot to sit, drink and chat.

Good For Business Drinks: It opens at 4 p.m. during the week so going early in the evening, before it gets packed, is your best bet for a meeting. The seating is plush and the cocktails are strong, making it an excellent choice for entertaining colleagues in a more casual situation.

Good For Casual/First Dates: Same thing goes here – head here early for a more intimate atmosphere. If, however, you do go later in the night, make sure you can get in… two rejections in one night is just rough.


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